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  Susan Clarke Haskell. Life member, HASKELL FAMILY ASSOCIATION.
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World surname genealogy research by a handful of
family members has meant little is known of this
unusual surname and its origins.This account attempts
to collect all occurrences of this surname so that
eventually a comprehensive Family History for the
World family emerges.

Family villages and towns in  England were visited in
2005, 2007 and 2008. Accuracy is strived for but not
always possible due to source errors, gaps in records or
differences in interpretation of old handwriting styles.

More details and/or corrections are very welcome.
Kindly email me with photos, stories and historical
details to assist in making this site the best for all
matters relating to the family with the WORLD surname.
Original records should always be checked personally.
Our WORLD family originated in Dorset, England from where
our early forbears emigrated to Australia, Canada and USA.

The direct ancestors of Ray Haskell, Robert WORLD & his
wife Annie Smith lived in Naunton, Gloucestershire, England. 
Their daughter, Barbara emigrated to Victoria and worked at
Barrabool Hills near Geelong. Barbara married Alfred

In 1861, William Beal Haskell & his family shared "Dock Mill
House" at  Portsea, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England with
Cornelius WORLD & his family.

The unusual surname, WORLD, originated in Dorset villages
like Hinton, Puddletown & Wareham near many of the early
Haskell villages. Additional surnames include Haskell, Wedel,
Goodinson, Benham, Worl & Worlde.
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UPDATED 1 March 2014
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St. Andrews,Naunton
Dock Mill House, Portsea,Hants.
Barrabool Hills, Victoria