the World Family Surname database

Some early WORLD forebears emigrated to Australia, Canada and USA. Robert WORLD and his wife Annie Smith, lived in Naunton, Gloucestershire, England. Their daughter, Barbara emigrated to Victoria and married Alfred P.Haskell. In 1861, William Beal Haskell and his family shared "Dock Mill House" at Portsea, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England with Cornelius WORLD and his family. This rare and unusual surname, WORLD, was first recorded in Dorset villages like Hinton, Puddletown and Wareham in and near early Haskell villages. This account attempts to collect all occurrences of this surname to enable a comprehensive World Family Tree database. Accuracy is not always possible due to source errors, record gaps or different interpretations. Please check original records. Kindly email photos, stories or snippets to help make the best research tool for the WORLD surname.