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Willis genealogy research by Willis family members in
numerous records over many years has resulted in this 
Family History  for the Willis family of Wargrave and
their descendants in Australia.

Additional family names include, Plested, Harman, Abell,
Tester, Plunkett and Wood.

Family villages and towns in  England were visited in
2005, 2007 and 2008. Genealogy material was gathered
during these visits.
Accuracy is strived for but not always possible due to
source errors, gaps in records or differences in
interpretation of old handwriting styles.

More details and/or corrections are very welcome.

Original records should always be checked personally.
Our WILLIS family originated in Wargrave in Berkshire. Later
they lived in Chalgrove and Henley on Thames in
Oxfordshire, England. On emigrating, they settled in
Queensland and  New South Wales.

William Willis and his wife Maria Harding Mines emigrated
from England to Brisbane in 1873 on the ship "Alexandra"
with their two youngest children, Thomas & Kate. Another
son, Henry arrived in 1874 with his wife & family. Sadly none
of their eight children survived.

Willis family members have always been industrious with
each succeeding generation "improving their lot" rising from
the humble "Ag Lab" beginnings in England to becoming
qualified tradesmen, nurses & teachers in Australia. Some
have successfully entered the world of commerce, law and
have stood for public office. Martha Plested, sister of Mrs.
Emma Plested Willis became a pioneer missionary to India.
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UPDATED 1 March 2014
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