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  Susan Clarke Haskell. Life member, HASKELL FAMILY ASSOCIATION.
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*Each time you use or cause access to this web site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Personal Data Policy and
* All of the pages located within the domain http://www.haskellfamilyhistory.com, are accessible to the public for free without charges or
fees of any kind.
* The information on this site is intended to be used by researchers for personal, non-commercial use that does not generate income or
money.  I ask only that you give credit by citing the main page of the website, for example: "Haskell Family History"
*"Non-commercial use" INCLUDES not putting anything onto any commercial website which charges a subscription even if some of
their material may have free access or you, personally, do not derive a benefit. This means ancestry.com or similar sites.
* This website contains copyrighted material and other proprietary information including, but not limited to, text, photos, and graphics. The
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* If you have been charged a fee to access these pages, or know of a site that is doing so, or that is reproducing information from this site
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the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.
* The domain haskellfamilyhistory.com  is owned by me, Susan Clarke Haskell.


Genealogy  identifies  ancestors and descendants by collecting their personal data.
As a minimum, this data includes the individual's name and the date/location of birth, marriage, and death. In order to support research by
other genealogists, this data is often published on internet genealogy websites. As a genealogist, I may have collected much personal
information on you and your family from a variety of sources. The privacy of this information is important to me and I assure you there is a
most satisfactory privacy policy in place for the Haskell Family History website.There is concern that information distributed to distant
relatives or put on genealogy websites makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals to commit invasions of privacy or other frauds. However,
the personal information that the identity thieves and credit fraud perpetrators want are full names, social security numbers, dates and
places of birth, current occupation/employment data, and bank/credit card account numbers. One or two facts alone (e.g. your name and/or
your motherís maiden name) are not enough to cause damage.
Public domain facts include names, dates, & places to which Privacy law does not apply.

Our practice, which exceeds minimum requirements, is:
Dates and places for living individuals will not be intentionally displayed online for living individuals born after 1913 (Note: The 1940 US
Census and the UK births, deaths & marriages indexes to 2007 are publicly available). We do maintain all obtained information in our offline
databases for those born after 1910. We DO include names for those born after 1910 in our online databases, just NOT their birth dates
and places, etc. Please note that one does not have privacy rights for name, birth, marriage, and death information, contrary to some folks
personal ideas. Names in databases will not be removed. Our policy is not to respond to such requests.


Information Collected and Stored Automatically
If you do nothing during your visit but browse through the website, read pages, or download information, we will gather and store certain
information about your visit automatically. For statistical purposes and comment logging, the server collects and stores the following
information about visitors: ∑IP address and browser type, Date and time the site was accessed; the Internet address of the website from
which you linked to the site. This information does not identify individuals and is used to track the number of visitors to different sections of
the site.

Information supplied by you.
Original data given to me (personal information, e-mail/street addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is not provided to others unless your
approval is first obtained. You should be aware, however, that most of this information is public domain and may be readily available to
others using internet search engines (e.g., Yahoo People Search, Google.com, Birthday.com). Any family information sent to Haskell Family
History implies permission to use that information online without limitation for genealogical purposes.


* Every effort has been made to ascertain the accuracy of the data. However, since some of the information was provided by others
without documented sources, there is the possibility of errors. Haskell Family History cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any
content or material found on our site or linked to our site. Furthermore, you agree not to hold Haskell Family History responsible for any
issues that may arise from the inaccuracy of the content on this site.

* This database contains information that has been proved as well as information that is speculative and in the process of being proved or
disproved. Do not take everything you find here (or in any other online database) as gospel truth.
*Haskell Family History is not responsible for the content (including terms and conditions and privacy policy) of any other website linked
from this site. Any links provided are for information purposes only, for your convenience and should not be regarded as an endorsement by
Haskell Family History.

- Susan Clarke Haskell, webmaster