Prof. Dennis Haskell, literature
Prof. Dale Haskell, English
Prof. Deidre Haskell, mathematics
Prof. Ellen Haskell, religion
Prof. Eric T. Haskell, French, Humanities
Prof. Francis J. H. Haskell, art historian
Prof. Halford W. Haskell, classics
Prof. Jeffrey Haskell, music
Prof. John Haskell, political science
Prof. John C. Haskell, architecture
Prof. Laurel A. Rigertas nee Haskell, law
Prof. Mellen W. Haskell, mathematics
Prof. Paul G. Haskell, ethics
Prof. Richard E. Haskell, engineering
Prof. Scott Haskell, Marine Science
Prof. Thomas L. Haskell, history
Prof. Yasmin Haskell, latin history
Colleen Haskell, actress
Ernest Haskell, painter
Evie Haskell, singer
Gordon Haskell, singer
J. Haskell, hats
Jimmie Haskell, composer
John Haskell, writer and singer
Mary Donnelly Haskell, singer
Michael Haskell, antiques
Miriam Haskell, jewellery
Molly Haskell, author
Haskell County, Kansas
Haskell County, Oklahoma
Haskell County, Texas
Haskell Library & Opera House
Haskell township, Oklahoma
Haskell, Texas
Haskell Indian Nations University
Haskell Vineyards, South Africa
Haskell Fishing Lure
Haskell Golf Ball
Haskell Organ Pipe
Haskell Silk Company
Haskell, design and construct
Haskell Invitational Stakes
Neil Haskell, dancer
Peter Haskell, one man band
Sarah Haskell, weaver
Susan Haskell, actress
Tom Haskell, photographer
William Haskell, artist
Eddie Haskell, fictional character
Barin G. Haskell, video developer
Dr. Marie Haskell, Scotland scientist
James Haskell, England rugby
Caleb Haskell's Schooner
Haskell Computer Language
Fort Haskell
USS Haskell
Haskell People Bar
Some interesting Haskell people and places
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  Susan Clarke Haskell. Life member, HASKELL FAMILY ASSOCIATION.
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