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Hall, Rosalys Haskell 1914-2006
Haskell, Aileen 1912-2005
Haskell, Alfred J. "AJ" 1946-2006
Haskell, Barbara Ann 1941-2008
Haskell, Betsey Mariah ( Cunningham) 1857-1930
Clotilde LoPresti-Haskell 1966-2010
Haskell, Denise 1959-2008
Haskell, Dorothy Jean (Sigman) 1926-2013
Haskell, Edwin James 1932-2011
Haskell, Elizabeth S. -2008
Haskell, Ethel Marian -2006
Haskell, Joan L. 1924-2009
Haskell, Judy A. (LaBarge) 1941-2009
Haskell, Junellen (Dyer) 1938-2011
Haskell, Kay (McGough) 1947-2007
Haskell, Mary (Conniff) 1943-2010
Haskell, Pauline Rudorfer -2013
Haskell, Victor P. 1960-2013
Mattingly, Joyce M. (Haskell) 1934-2013
Haskell Cemetery
Pte. Ernest Haskell
John Haskell Fontmell Magna
Letitiae Haskell1857-1928
James Haskell- Donhead St. Andrew
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  Susan Clarke Haskell. Life member, HASKELL FAMILY ASSOCIATION.
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William Augustus Haskell
George Niles Haskell
Coburn Haskell
Gen. Harry Leland Haskell
Mercy Haskell 1767-1837
Augusta Haskell Obear1807-1891
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