I have been a 5 year observer/browser of your wonderfully
informative website. I retrieved a great deal of precious
information regarding my heritage as a Haskell. It had been
almost a year since I last visited your webpages. I stopped by
this morning to look for something and found that it had been
updated. So after becoming re-familiarized again, I found much
to my delight that both my fathers name and his mothers name
had been added .....Again, thank you for the irreplaceable
information on your website, and thank you for adding my
father. Long life to Haskells!
Hello, ... I live in Michigan in the upper peninsula. My
grandmother was Nellie Burtles Carter and my great-
grandmother would have been Matilda Haskell Burtles. I was
delighted to find your web site as we no very little about our
family roots. I knew Lucy but never knew Edward. I was
surprised to see grams mother dying at age 24. I know she had
a stepmother and that is all. Gram never said to much about
her stepmother at least in a kind way.All this history I have
found with your efforts  is great, it has gotten me interested
again. Thank you for your time and effort.

Haskells Mailbag
I have been enjoying exploring your Haskell family web pages, which I found when researching Mirium Wallace Haskell...I really appreciate all the work your family is doing to make this
information available to your cousins.Please let me know if there is information that you think I may be able to provide to you. Suzanne Bury,Ithaca, New York
My name is Wayne Stewart Holmes, and I reside in San Antonio, Texas, USA. My Holmes grandparents came to Texas from Devonshire, England.  Today, while perusing the Internet, I came
across your extensive information on various families, including that of John George World, and  Elizabeth, Nee  Puttam, Seaton/Beer, Devon, England.
Elizabeth's father, William Puttam, was a brother to two of my 2 x great grandmothers, Lucy Holmes, Nee Puttam, and Mary Hammett, Nee Puttam, Seaton/Beer, Devon. I have been 
researching my British Ancestry for a long while, and always welcome new information, and individuals who are descended from the same families.
I am Rebecca J. Haskell in Allegan, Michigan, USA. I have been doing genealogy off and on since the 70's. When I worked I had the money but could never get time off to vacation. When I became totally disabled on the job in the 1990's and fired outright, I had all the time in the world and no money to do anything with. It makes doing genealogy extremely difficult to say the least...... I'm at a point with the Haskell's that I need to use your wonderful information so I wanted to thank you. I can't travel or even order documents but I've kept up with your site for years.Sue - I admire immensely your ability to put all this together. My mind used to organize in this manner before my brain got damaged ...! I am in your debt and will never be able to repay that. .......
Your website - what a find!!! I can't believe I haven't found it earlier! .....Also I can
probably help with some later generation information, if you're interested. THANKS!!!
Dorothy Haskell, Carlsbad, California, USA
Firstly, I must congratulate you on your website. It is without doubt one of the best I have
come across. Well done. The reason I am writing is that I thought you might be interested in the
death certificate of Robert Sharp (son of John Sharp and Jane Reid) which I have attached.
Regards, Alex
Thank you so much. I am so excited to have found this site
and can follow the Haskell's around the world.
Greetings!  I have a question about
one of the entries in your very
impressive family history site. Simon
Hey, I just wanted to tell you, I've recently
gotten into my own Haskell family history, and
your site was a HUGE help! Thank you for
putting so much time into it!" Jackson Haskell
Mail from cousins around the globe:
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