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Haskell Family History

The most comprehensive Haskell Family History genealogy available for over 80000 Haskells of English, Jewish and African American Origin.
This One-Name Study, compiled by Susan Clarke Haskell, is freely available for all Haskells worldwide.

You will find more about your genealogy, name, origins, and crest. Some articles, biographies, obituaries, and records are included.
Check out Haskells in the News and Susan Clarke Haskell's Blog. Our Willis, Clarke, World, Cairns and Eather families have their individual family trees.
Each database includes many genealogy events plus notes and some pictures for more than 80000 ancestors in total.
The Haskell Family Crest has an apple tree and arrow appearing on it. Why?
Due to the loss and deterioration of many ancient documents, we may never know which is the true origin behind various name theories. Is the English origin from Hucca or Housecarle? Were those named Hucca originally found at Le Hoc, now Hook Farm near Wardour Castle in Wiltshire, England? Is the origin of the name from the king's bodyguards, the Housecarles? Is it of Anglo, Saxon, Norman, Norse or even Welsh origin? Some Haskells assumed the surname after persecution or emigration... read on
The Haskell Family Database shows the genealogy of adventurous family members who emigrated worldwide, then, in some cases, vigorously multiplied. The main emigration of Haskells from England was to the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.A few more have been located in Barbados, the Bahamas, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark and even Oman and Israel. The United States of America and Canada host the majority of our present day members while many have spread throughout the United Kingdom... read on
Haskells of English Origin (Hascoll, Haskill, Haskoll, Hascall, Haskel, etc.) were first recorded within about ten miles radius around Shaftesbury, Dorset, England in the Dorset villages of Cann, Fontmell Magna, West Compton, Motcombe and Gillingham.
Nearby they were found in Somerset at Bruton, Stourton Caundle, Bath, Frome plus Charlton Musgrove, from where the family of William Haskell emigrated to America about 1635. Wiltshire places include Salisbury (Old Sarum), Downton, the villages of the Donheads, the Deverills, Semley, Wylye and Horningsham... read on
  Susan Clarke Haskell. Life member, HASKELL FAMILY ASSOCIATION.
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