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Haskell Family Crest
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  Susan Clarke Haskell. Life member, HASKELL FAMILY ASSOCIATION.
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This database is available for your personal research and may not be reproduced on any commercial website or used for any commercial purpose.
UPDATED 1 March 2016- update any bookmarks due to the major revisions
The Haskell Family Database includes over 1650000 Haskells of
mostly English Origin who spread to North America, Europe, South
Africa, Australia & New Zealand. Earlier spellings included Haskill,
Haskoll, Hascoll, Heskell, Askell, Ascoll, etc. Similar surnames such
as Hurscarl and Hascall appeared in Somerset and Lancashire.
Continuity of family lines begins around 1500AD within a few miles
radius of Shaftesbury, Dorset, England . Most of today's Haskells
have descended from these progenitors.

Haskell Family genealogy research by Haskells in numerous records
over many years has resulted  the most comprehensive Family
History Database for Haskells of mostly English Origin. Some
Europeans and Jews standardized their names following emigration.
Some African Americans assumed the surname due to plantation
links. These Haskells are now included as time permits.
Many Haskell village churches and record offices in Dorset,
Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset, England were visited in 2005,
2007 and 2008. Genealogy data was gathered throughout the
United Kingdom during these visits.

Surviving records for earlier times in the 12th-15th centuries are
far from complete. Further records, now available, have  required
adjustments to material you may find elsewhere. Accuracy is
strived for but not always possible due to source errors, gaps in
records or differences in interpretation of old handwriting styles.

Please check original records for yourself. Click the envelope icon
to email more details and/or corrections which are always most

Charlton Musgrove-St.Stephens
William Haskell's House
Donhead St Andrew
Pilgrims Inn, Deer Isle
Moore's Farm, Fontmell Magna